Consortium whitepaper citation

Wang, T., Pehrsson, E., Purushotham, D. et al. The NIEHS TaRGET II Consortium and environmental epigenomics. Nat Biotechnol 36, 225–227 (2018).

Selected Consortium Member Publications

Al-Kindi SG, Brook RD, Biswal S, Rajagopalan S.

Environmental Determinants of cardiovasular disease: lessons learned from air pollution

Rajagopalan S, Park B, Palanivel R, et al.

Metabolic effects of air pollution exposure and reversibility

Park B, Khanam R, Vinayachandran V, Baqui AH, London SJ, Biswal S.

Epigenetic biomarkers and preterm birth

Perera BPU, Faulk C, Svoboda LK, Goodrich JM, Dolinoy DC.

The role of environmental exposures and the epigenome in health and disease.

Gontarz P, Fu S, Xing X, Liu S, Miao B, Bazylianska V, Sharma A, Madden P, Cates K, Yoo A, Moszczynska A, Wang T, Zhang B.

Comparison of differential accessibility analysis strategies for ATAC-seq data

Chen X, Zhang B, Wang T, Bonni A, Zhao G.

Robust principal component analysis for accurate outlier sample detection in RNA- Seq data

Treviño LS, Dong J, Kaushal A, et al.

Epigenome environment interactions accelerate epigenomic aging and unlock metabolically restricted epigenetic reprogramming in adulthood. 

Katz TA, Grimm SL, Kaushal A, et al.

Hepatic Tumor Formation in Adult Mice Developmentally Exposed to Organotin.

Reyes-Caballero H, Rao X, Sun Q, et al.

Air pollution-derived particulate matter dysregulates hepatic Krebs cycle, glucose and lipid metabolism in mice.

Svoboda et al.

Perinatal exposure to lead results in altered DNA methylation in adult mouse liver and blood: Implications for target versus surrogate tissue use in environmental epigenetics

Perera BPU, Svoboda L, Dolinoy DC.

Genomic Tools for Environmental Epigenetics and Implications for Public Health.

Li D, Hsu S, Purushotham D, Sears RL, Wang T.

WashU Epigenome Browser update 2019.

Liu et al.

Improving ATAC-seq Data Analysis with AIAP, a Quality Control and Integrative Analysis Package

Zhu Y, Li Y, Lou D, et al.

Sodium arsenite exposure inhibits histone acetyltransferase p300 for attenuating H3K27ac at enhancers in mouse embryonic fibroblast cells.

Treviño LS, Katz TA.

Endocrine Disruptors and Developmental Origins of Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease.

Hamanaka RB, Mutlu GM.

Particulate Matter Air Pollution: Effects on the Cardiovascular System.

Wang Y, Song F, Zhang B, Zhang L, Xu J, Kuang D, Li D, Choudhary MNK, Li Y, Hu M, Hardison R, Wang T, Yue F.

The 3D Genome Browser: a web-based browser for visualizing 3D genome organization and long-range chromatin interactions.

Foulds CE, Treviño LS, York B, Walker CL.

Endocrine-disrupting chemicals and fatty liver disease.

McCabe C, Anderson OS, Montrose L, Neier K, Dolinoy DC.

Sexually Dimorphic Effects of Early-Life Exposures to Endocrine Disruptors: Sex-Specific Epigenetic Reprogramming as a Potential Mechanism.

Wang Q, Trevino LS, Wong RL, et al.

Reprogramming of the Epigenome by MLL1 Links Early-Life Environmental Exposures to Prostate Cancer Risk.

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